Auto Insurance policies do not have to be complicated. We want to make it easy for you. We always recommend that your purchase adequate coverage to commensurate with your net worth. Let’s take a look at the coverages.


The first section is the liability section of the policy. It covers your financial responsibility for injuring others. Some liability coverage is required by most states. It is usually stated as a three art number like 250/500/100(expressed in 1000s) or could be as a single number like 500. This is the amount of insurance available to pay the claim of someone you hit for their Bodily injury and Property damage.

Physical Damage

The second part of auto insurance covers the car itself: comprehensive coverage reimburses losses from fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage or other perils; collision coverage pays to repair losses caused by colliding with a vehicle or object. Often this coverage is mandated by leasing companies or banks. There are also optional medical, car rental, towing, accidental death and other coverages which vary by state.

We recommend highly that you utilize higher deductibles on the physical damage coverages to reduce premiums. We also strongly encourage our clients to always consider an umbrella policy. If you carry umbrella insurance, you must be sure that you carry the required amount of basic liability insurance to avoid a gap in coverage for a serious accident. Usually this limit is 250/500/100 or higher.

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