Condo & Renters Insurance-


Condo and renters insurance are very similar, yet have some key differences the owner should consider. Both policies offer coverage for fire, theft, injury to others and liability protection.

Condo: As an owner of a condo, it is imperative to purchase the correct insurance policy. There are two policies types depending on the desired coverage. We offer an HO3 product which would insure your part of the building as well as the contents within. Other times you may need an HO6 policy to cover just interior building items and your contents. An HO6 policy is typical when there is a condo owners association that provides coverage for the building. This determination is usually something that your mortgage loan officer can assist with at the time of purchase.

Renters: As a renter, a policy is required to cover your belongings. Clothes, furniture and electronics all need to be covered. The renters insurance policy will cover your belongings. Also, the policy will provide liability and medical coverage to protect your assets.

A condo or renters policy from Barrett Hill Insurance can provide you with the coverage necessary to meet your needs. Click the button below to start a quote or email us with the contact form.

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